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Vornoff, mørkt og lo-fi

av yngve

Vornoff 21

Liker du dungeon synth, skal visst dette falle i smak. Musikken er nok i ytterkant for dere som liker det kjapt og brutalt, men allikevel er dette musikk med elementer som ofte kan høres i vår sjanger.

Prosjektet, som inkluderer J.N. fra Picture Ann, var aktivt imellom 2001 og 2006.

J.N.: "I spoke to my close friend and Signalfeide ally J.H. and we decided to put a short EP together consisting of three previously unreleased tracks. While the opening piece (Indikation) has never been heard or published before, the other two are actually alternate versions of old demo songs where J.H. laid some wicked drums and percussion on top of them. Retrospekt is meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing and hopefully manage to transport the listener back in time. The sound of these songs is by its very nature rather lo-fi and murky as they were recorded on a 4-track device back in 2002-2004 with the drums having been added in late 2021. If dungeon synth music is your thing, then this one is for you."

'Retrospekt', release 31.12.21 via Floodgate Moods Productions.