H Madd

Vulture Industries, livestream (20.06.20)

av yngve

Dette vet jeg noen blir veldig glade for. 

Og det er gratis ;). Alt skjer på Vestindien i Bergen, datoen er 20. juni, klokkeslettet er 22:00. Du finner streamen på Youtube, og bandets Facebookside .

Vokalist  Bjørnar: "For no other reasons than the anguishing prospect of beeing bored to death by the dull reality of covid-19 and a deep philantropic urge to keep you all amused, we give you Vulture Industries live from the historic location Vestindien. Now a museum, this was once Bergens own House of the rising sun. This evening we will dub it House of the irregular and invite you all to join us by the docs for an hour of musical rarities new and old."

Vulture 20