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Welicoruss, nytt album

av yngve

10933739 10152585988021835 8583523209312826664 N'Az Esm' er tittelen på bandets ferske album.

Sjekker du anmeldelsesbiten her på, ligger en review av skiva der nå. Alexey, bandets vokalist, sendte over en liten tekstgreie som forteller litt.

"Symphonic pagan-black metallers Welicoruzz from Prague released their long-awaited album Az Esm which consist of 12 new tracks filled with huge amounts of symphonic arrangements, memorable solos and beautiful melodies. Musicians worked hard under this album for 5 years, there are a lot of guests musicians, such as: vocalists, ethnic musicians, percussion players and ect."


"You just cannot imagine how glad we are now, that you can finally listen to it! It passed almost 5 years, when we began the writing process in Novosibirsk with one line-up and then finished it in Prague with another. There were many people involved in this process. Az Esm’ is a huge phase of the band’s history, and we hope you will judge it deservedly by diving into this atmosphere from the first sounds of didgeridoo and to the last words in epilogue."


  1. Intro 
  2. Az Esm` 
  3. Voice of the Millennium 
  4. Sons of the North 
  5. Woloshba 
  6. Fires of Native Lands 
  7. Bridge of Hope 
  8. Dolmen 
  9. Kharnha 
  10. Fragments of Forgotten Dreams 
  11. Outsider 
  12. Az Esm` - Epilogue
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