White Wizzard, skive

av yngve

White Wizzard 18Du sjekker ut en låt fra albumet her.

Det er Marco@CCM GMBH Promotion som tipser Heavymetal.no om dette. 'Infernal Overdrive', som du ser under her, er tittelkuttet, releasedato var 12. januar.

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Bandet er tilbake med nye medlemmer: "White Wizzard revamped their lineup last year to include the return of their strongest players to date, vocalist Wyatt Screaming Demon Anderson and guitarist James J. LaRue.

Reviews have been overly positive and critics are recognizing the band firing on all cylinders by not only bringing back all of their expected true metal ingredients but flavoring this hour-plus ride with an expanded repertoire of moods and influences citing comparisons to Rush, Led Zeppelin and Metallica on certain tracks, all highlighted by the group’s seasoned musicianship and proper album production, courtesy of Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, UFO)."

Bassist/gitarist John forteller: "We’re very excited to release yet another song from our new album via this lyric video created by LaRue. The lyrics are a bit of a sarcastic comment on modern times... as we watch technology and idiocy fuse together for one entertaining ride as humanity circles the drain into the abyss!

We bring it a bit heavier here and Wyatt sings his ass off on this one. We are really proud of the new album and super excited to finally share it with the fans. We’re doing a special run of shows starting Wednesday and are super excited to announce that Devil’s Cut axe grinder Will Willner will be joining us on second guitar live. He complements LaRue perfectly and it’s a very strong tandem!"