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Wolcensmen, låtpremiere

av yngve

Ny låt fra bandets kommende album.

Dan Capp (Wolcensmen): "The Fyre-Bough has become one of Wolcensmen's biggest and most iconic songs, and was composed quite effortlessly. The theme is that of how the natural and 'supernatural' weave into one another, and how respecting these eternal, hidden patterns is the path to contentment."


Nyhet fra 25.10.18:

Wolcensmen 18

Indie Recordings slipper skive med bandet 30. november.

Takk til Jelena@Indie Recordings for at kan formidle.

I en tid der vikinger og stemningsskapende musikk brer om seg, kommer engelske Wolcensmen med albumet 'Songs from the Fyrgen'. Bandet/prosjektet styres av den engelske gitaristen Dan Capp, som har fortid som svartmetalmusiker i bandet Winterfylleth.

"Founded upon a passion for dark acoustic music and folklore, Wolcensmen began life in 2013. Dan Capp undertook the work of resurrecting old acoustic ideas he'd written since the late '90s, inspired largely by Scandinavian bands who had pioneered the inclusion of folk and neo-classical elements within their sound. Wolcensmen became the vehicle for expressing spiritual philosophies and a specific musicalatmosphere."

  1. Withershins
  2. The Fyre-Bough
  3. Sunne
  4. Hoofes Uponthe Shymmeringe Path
  5. ‘Neatha Wreath of Firs
  6. The Mono’ Micht
  7. Snowfall
  8. The Bekensare Aliht
  9. Yerninge


"Sunne is the Old English name for the Sun - whether the heavenly body or the Goddess that represents it. Wolcensmen might be Dark Folk music with a background in Black Metal, but I nevertheless wanted to write a simple hymn to the life-giving force of Sunne."