Wytch Hazel, nytt album

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Ny video og vi nærmer oss skiveslipp.


Nyhet fra 20.04.23:

Wytch Hazel 23

Bandet kommer med skive i juni, her er smakebiter.

IV: Sacrament er skiva, den kommer 2. juni. Om du kjenner til bandets forrige skive, vet du litt om hvilken stil dette er.

" invocation of rock and roll at its purest and, more specifically, of all that made the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the late '70s so special."

"It's these deeply personal lyrics, coming from a place of faith and conviction, which make Wytch Hazel stand out further from the modern herd; although we've been bombarded with the cartoon diabolism of the 'occult rock' revival for the best part of two decades, no other band has dared to offer the other side of the story."