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Temtris, kaotisk

av yngve

Temtris 23

Bandet leverer nytt album i mars.

Det er Wormhole Death som tipser og slipper skiva. Datoen er 17. mars, tracklisten er følgende:

  1. The Grand Design
  2. Khaos Divine
  3. Eternal Death Machine
  4. Dreams or Reality
  5. The Lies Become The Truth
  6. The Path
  7. Revenge
  8. Evolution of Hate
  9. Ground Zero

"Khaos Divine is a stunning, modern metal concept album, which plunges the listener into a tale of a dark and troubled dystopian city where a new world order has taken hold of its population with the offer of a chance to live an almost eternal life but at the cost of freedom."

Bilde, fotograf: pastel_love777

Temtris Band 22 Foto Pastel Love777